Meaningless meanings

I was torn and I was sad
And I felt that Life was bad
That it had no meaning to it
Filled with ennui, no smile to it
And then I saw the bird that fly
And their beauty that fills the eye
And asked what meaning is there
To them, here and everywhere
Meaningless, daily, millions are born
And everyday there is a reasonless dawn
And every Life purposelessly dies
That there’s an end to every sunrise
Yet these birds do build their nests
Live their meaningless lives to best
And that it is only dissatisfied Man
Who questions and tries to understand
He searches in everything some meaning fair
Finds no answer and feels despair
I must Live just for the moment today
Which might put me in touch with an Infinite way
A way of Life that can be ne’er be defined
Felt only by the heart and never the mind.


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