I couldn’t be happier than I am now. Living in the best of times. The best of communications. The best of travel. In the midst of making history. A different revolution. A different kind of connecting and loving. It’s the ’60s all over again, they say. And if so, a time to be remembered too. I couldn’t have wished it to be any other way. For all the angst… all the railing against times… railing against the world… life couldn’t have been better. The world couldn’t have been a better place. The time couldn’t have been a better one… at least from where and what I can see.

The world is a much different place… so different from all one has known. Didn’t even realise when the future crept up on us. And for all the doomsday prophecies of catastrophes come and yet to come… the Now is interesting indeed!

The best I can say is this – one is finally the Master of one’s own Destiny.

status quo

July 5, 2012

as the day broke
over an orange flaming sky
we sped away from the city
that gurgled around
with unpleasant sounds

we reached the high, windy plateaus
sighing in anticipation as
they promised to blow away
all the cobwebs collected
in the musty corners of our soul

we watched the distant horizon
where the land disowned the sky
mocking all things feeding off it
shrugging all away
as if she couldn’t care

and all our efforts to reach
that point of illusion
continued to howl
like the very same wind that
made promises it couldn’t keep

and as the day melted
into the dirty grey sky
we returned to the city
that belched around
punctuating the status quo.

June 15, 2012

deep fissures crack open
the first drizzle dissolving
the tissue-thin skin
papered over them
Now, if I could just remember
the first time I fell
into that endless abyss
also whether I existed then?

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