Gaia conversations…

“Why did you let it happen?”, asked the non-commitant bystander.

“What?!”, she asked, a little nonplussed.

“This endless give, this endless take… that has all but ruined you, yours and him and his too”, the question rasped out, a little hurt, a lot accusing.

“Yes, a Game has its consequences, no?”, she answered, a little sadly.

“So…?”, the bystander insisted.

She sighed. Explanations, she guessed, were in order.

“You see… I knew them all… my creatures, big and small… I knew there were depths. I knew there were heights. I wanted to explore… I wanted to know…”, she said, wondering whether perhaps this time she had gone too far.

“… ?”

“ummm… “, she continued, “here I was spinning silently in space… doing my rounds round the Sun diligently… the Great Cycles were set to move endlessly… my creatures were happy… they had reached their limits… I was… bored. So… it had be Man, no?… a little ruthless, a little selfish… who would neither care enough for the Law, nor fear his own destruction… he could do what those fishes, birds, animals, and trees couldn’t… wouldn’t…”, she wondered whether she made any sense to him…

“do what?!”

“ummmm… turn me inside out…?”, she ventured a little uncertainly.

“… and your creatures, big and small”, the bystander whispered, appalled at what he thought was hell to pay.

“oh! don’t you worry… I won’t let them all die now will I?”, she tossed that aside, not an iota of doubt in her of her regenerative powers!

“… and he?”

“ah!”, she drew a longish breath. She stared far into the distance and pondered for endless moments… shrugged and said, “it is up to him… whether he really has the gumption and gall… to mutate and further evolve…”.

“and will he…?”, the bystander felt a strange panic running through him.

“hmmmm… “, she pondered… and smiled (a tad unkindly, he privately thought)… “let’s wait and watch…”


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