who is my archetype?

“If you could have your light shine in your world, how would it shine, on who would it shine, where would it shine”

“If I could realize my will to action, my will to engagement, and my will to manifestation, what format would it be?”

… was reading this about archetypal energies… and I thought what would be mine? I thought of all the deep, intense, dark archetypes that play inside me and finally realised that no… if i could shine my light in the world I would like it to be playful, bright, catalystic… in that sense my archetype would be Krishna… the master-player of all… non-emotional, catalyst, moral code-breaker changing social rules, political, counter-balancer, engaged but not involved, committed but not attached, who was Maya himself yet played with Maya, the ever romantic, who could get many to realize love, yet he himself was self-contained, human yet above being just human… yes! it would be a krishna.

What would be yours?



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