What do you know of pain?”, I railed
against the silent, vast Universe
what do you know of losing?”, I cried…
or letting go…?

The Great Silence hummed
and said…

I don’t know you say?
You – a piece of me which I have lost?
I know not what is pain? Or letting go…
I who interminably wait for you…
to Return to the Source?
I who woo you in vain…
giving in to your desires…
reminding you of Me
… with pinches of pain?
I do know… you know
I entice, I entreat… I try and please
with my Sunsets, and Birdsong
flaunt my Rainbows
Thundering out my song…
I Rain to give you Life
I bloom, I flower, I hum
I sparkle, I blaze, I glow
all the time… every moment
waiting for your admiring glance
I try… I do my best… but I can’t
I still can’t entice you away…
from you all that pleases you
Your desires for the shiny, tasty and new
Your toys reign and rule your Heart
Your Spirit engages, troubles and withers
in war-games, and futile, endless wants…
but I still wait… I still try
My emptiness waiting to fill
do I not know of Pain?
of having Loved and Lost?
of waiting endlessly in vain?”


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