The Truth is becoming clearer and clearer. Reality, as it is, raw, abrasive and uneasily unpalatable begins to permeate through the fraying veils of illusion. I am certain now of Reality. And my feet have touched the ground. I know that the times are only going to get worse. The world will only become more and more unlivable. The brink of the abyss is close, very close. And it is also inexorable.

I thought it will be painful to be in reality-as-it-is. Thought it will be unacceptable. But it is not so. It feels good. Unexpectedly so.

It doesn’t disappoint me or make me feel bitter or hopeless. As I thought it would and hence clung to my illusions of hope. But there is certain beauty in acceptance of reality. A certain relief in taking it in as it is. I feel it now as less of a struggle, less of moving against the tide.

The relief is that all the work we do has no meaning. I no longer imbue with the kind of meaning that was always in danger of being exposed. I am now able to transcend the need for meaning. And in this state there is a certain detachment – true detachment. If it works well and good. If it doesn’t, that too is alright.

Development is now, perhaps more than ever, more satisfying. Paradoxical? You can say that again!


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