On Dreaming

We find it difficult to dream. When asked ‘what is your dream’, we almost always see only the problems, the obstacles. We then abandon that dream and move to what we think is possible. Dreams thus, are then defined and articulated as only those that we think are possible.

What lies behind not-wanting or not-dreaming is our fear of disappointment. Our a fear of what we might lose. And thus we see the sky as only that which we can see through our little windows of the Possible… that little opening, the few stars, the passing cloud, the bird that chooses to sit on its sill…

And if we were to remove that little window… and put ourselves in the realm of no-limits, we reel. We feel overwhelmed. We cannot absorb the Universe. The stars are too many. The sky too vast. The Earth beneath us too far-expansive.

It is not that Dreams do not come true… it is that we do not dare to Dream.


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