visitors enjoying the view at Purushwadi

A journey to Purushwadi is worth the time and money as it gives a fresh perspective on life. Its is known for waterfalls, a biodiversity with a rich animal and birdlife, along with a variety of vegetation. As many as 70 birds have been listed as visible in and around the region, including egrets, kingfishers, rian quails, painted quails, magpies, black robins, bulbuls, and peacocks. Purushwadi is right amongst one of the bio-diversity hotspots of the world.

In few short hours, the visitors can swim in a crystal clear river, help farmers thresh wheat, chop wood with a long handled axe, plough fields, milk cattle, hike up mountains, wwim in rivers, light rappelling, visit vegetable farms, catch crabs, and most of all do what your heart wants to. AND and eat home – cooked food with local in the dim light of their huts … some specialties are Waal Ka varun, deshi chicken cooked in a spicy curry, Gevada(made with groundnut), Danda (local variety of Pumpkin), Vade (a spicy garvy made using dried channa flour) … all this is cook over traditional firewood and served with local pickles. The staple diet consists of rice, jowar, bajra, naachni. Varai is a white millet used to make rotis.

The village is perched high in the jagged hills of Maharashtra state in western India, where life for the tribal farmers has hardly changed for centuries. Locals live with their animals in mud-brick houses with dried cow dung floors, there is no electricity or running water and the day revolves around backbreaking work in the fields under the harsh rays of an unforgiving sun.


3 thoughts on “Purushwadi

  1. sounds great as a perfect getaway-although haven’t tried all the physical stuff you mentioned,would surely make some begining -like watching you and the others do it. 🙂

  2. Hey was this trip organised by grassroutes ? and if yes can you send me your full name so that i can add this post to the grassroutes webpage , we are collaborating all the bloggers that have written about our trips , thanks.

    Send the reply to nickolai@grassroutes.co.in

  3. am reminded of the times i experienced in my village in tanjore dt tamilnadu.the water in the nearby cauvery river was alwyas flowing.i long for it

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