Sensing, sense-making

We do not have just 5 senses we have 9… the mind, the heart, the body, the ego too… are part of the sensing and sense-making components of being. Each of these has a place, a function to help us make sense and articulate the experience of being with the Being.

Mere intelligence without heart brings us to the state we are now in the world… and in the same way mere heart with no intelligence becomes futile… mere body without either of these only whirls us in unproductive passion or lust. Every creative person, every scientist, every visionary… all these people whom the world adores, are simple human beings, like us, who have tapped into the larger reality, simply because they have worked through a harmonious and concerted relationship between all these senses.

Ego, should not be dismissed either. It is necessary. Without the “I”, one cannot perceive the “not I”. A well-developed ego helps us to understand and accept the dualism of being and not-being. Most therapy is about re-learning the “I” without the external descriptions and definitions.

The world operates on denial – a denying of these senses – either holding the mind as THE most important or the pure heart as the only way to be… a denying of ego resulting in our not-understanding of the self and thus of the Other.
Only when all of these are embrace with vigor, one begins to see another picture… more magnificient than one can ever perceive…


2 thoughts on “Sensing, sense-making

  1. The mystery is not so much that these two dimensions exist–an outer world and the mystery of the inner world–but that the human being is suspended between them–as a space in which both meet. These stages offer a comprehensive view of the various faculties of knowledge within which the heart comprises the sixth level of knowing ……….1. It is these senses that allow us to experience qualities like yearning hope intimacy or to perceive significance beauty and our participation in the unity………..When our awareness is turned away from the world of the senses and away from the field of conventional human thoughts and emotions we may find that we can sense an inner world of spiritual qualities independent of the outer world………..Our modern languages lack precision when it comes to describing or naming that which can grasp the qualities and essence of this inner world.

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