How much we complicate everything, when actually the Universe, the Force within is infinitely Simple. Just by the simple principle of inclusiveness, holding All within itself, encompassing every element, lifeform, and emotion… rejecting nothing… the principle of Life simplifies itself… for in that space, where everything is provided for, nothing is in agitation… nothing in conflict… nothing in pain. By its very inclusiveness, It allows for everything… even the petty conflicts within the mind, the unfulfilled desires of the heart and body, and the convulsive needs of the ego… and in that space of inclusiveness, even these elements in tension with one another and with themselves, seem to relax, feel at ease… where the fears, angsts and anxieties give way to the simplicity of just Being.

In that non-space, where everything exists, everything is in order… nothing out of place… everything with a simple purpose… to include, to accept, to enfold…


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