to begin again

maaya-jaal being compromised seems an invitation to give up my tag line ‘all world is an illusion… this one is mine’… an opportunity to give up my illusions and jump into reality… perhaps reality will be as beautiful, as mystical and as entertaining… its time to see Life every which way … after all we pass this  way only once


8 thoughts on “to begin again

  1. Welcome to reality – I find it to be more painful at times than hiding beneath illusions, but in the end much more worth living for.

    Thanks for letting me know you moved. I would have missed keeping up with you 🙂

    How did you know your other site was being compromised?

  2. Maya, let me know what happened with your blog, okay? So I can watch mine…I didnt know this was a possibility, would be a lot of work to have to move mine, hope I dont have to. I’m afraid my eyesight is too bad to be able to read your white type on the right hand side, but I can read the left side well enough. What a nuisance having to start over. But you have done a wonderful job.

  3. New address, new look. Would you consider increasing the font size a bit and take care of contrasting colours?

    Enjoyed reading the Kabul diary. Every franc or dollar or pound handed out in aid must be spent on French or US or British products, that’s the game, ha ha!

    Afghanistan, I believe, is a part of the South Asian continuum that stretches from Punjab, on through Baluchistan and Waziristan and ends in Persia. As Buddhadeb Basu narrates in his travelogues, the yardage of the turban increases westwards and so does the yardage required for the sherwani; in a jocular vein, he says that the true afghan changes into a new set only with marriage (the second set with his son’s marriage) and the new set must necessarily be tailored out of a complete length of cloth:)

    I believe you must have read Kabuliwallah, a short story by Tagore

    Keep writing!

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