on children

i have found children to be the greatest source of strength, clearest space of sanity, giving the strongest point of focus in dire and dark times. Perhaps that is the point of having families… they are a means of keeping one’s balance, a tool that support personal evolution. When the night has been dark and the morning impossible to get up to, there has always been one reason I have got up for – to feed the children. It may be because of this that women the world over find that space of strength to carry on no matter what… because every morning, no matter what, there are children to feed, animals who require attention and the old and ailing who require looking after. … and it is this, the simple act of putting one soul-foot in front of the other, that leads one out of the darkest spaces and times… and gives a certain purpose and sense of meaning to life.

…the countless times i have looked down at the rail tracks during the Timbaktu-Bangalore run… the gorgeous Gauribidannur valleys witnessing my temptation, need, desire and perhaps intention to jump have always been countered by the two innocent faces sitting obediently in their seats, trusting absolutely their on-the-edge-mother… and it was perhaps this trust and their complete lack of awareness at the chaos that could be unleashed with my one step into oblivion, that pulled me back every time… back to putting that one soul-foot in front of the other.

Children and animals. their complete, obliviousness to one’s state of heart-mind-soul, and their insistent demands is perhaps life’s way of giving us our lifelines – ropes, and toeholds to scale the often near-impossible cliffs of life… enables us to take the frail trails with courage and equanimity… and reach gratefully wherever life has intended us to reach.


2 thoughts on “on children

  1. Oh this is so beautiful and so true. I know it was my children's needs that kept me getting up every morning through hard times, kept me putting one foot in front of the other, all the day after days that turned into….my life. I have also known those dark moments when it all seemed too hard. I think every woman must. This is wonderfully written. Your children are so incredibly beautiful and your love for them shines out of their trusting faces. So glad I found your site. I so enjoy your words. They are so real and honest and are the stuff of life. I would love to see a photo of the Guaribidannur Valleys.

  2. Maya, this is so touching and I can so relate to putting "one-soul foot in front of the other." My children have literally saved my life numerous times. Life is hard, sometimes they make it harder, but in the end it is all as it is supposed to be.

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