Judgement denies…

what do i know of the angst that twists
the hearts of those who pillage or kill?
what do i know what fear tears
into the guts of those who cheat or steal?
how can I judge with my eyes thus closed
with scales that have but only two sides?
how can I judge with a rigid heart
which cannot expand and encompass
feel every feeling, know every thought
or understand every nuance of the Universe?
until I live the lives of the worms and kites,
the snakes and frogs and blossom buds
until I live the lives of Everything
i cannot judge, i cannot judge.


9 thoughts on “Judgement denies…

  1. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! It is BRILLIANT and PROFOUND and SO TRUE!!!!!!! Your truth is a shining thing, the words you use are PERFECT and it is all inspired by something greater than ourselves, Well done, Maya, WELL DONE! You lift me up with these words! Thank you.

  2. @sherry: yes sometimes i do wonder who the words belong to… they don't seem to be mine…@sid: i am beginning to think that no matter how open the mind and caring the heart, one can only imagine another's plight… hence it is only those who have lived many lives and evolved over many lifetimes have true compassion in their soul…@susannah: thanks!@kashaw: i read it! thanks for that too!

  3. I couldn't find where to leave a comment on your wall poem so I clicked poems and luckily I got to read this one too… such powerfully written peices, just brilliant!

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