The Dilemna

The sun set over the balcony and evening stretched long ahead into the night. The idea that there was this stretch of time available was so seductive. The excited smiles opened the door and invited the words to come pouring in. So many thoughts, so many ideas, so much of oneself to give and take! Like a game of a well-played game of tennis, the words were passed, one to other … weaving dreams, spells and stories of past, present and future… over endless cups of coffee and tea and cigarettes .. they talked, sometimes sitting relaxed, sometimes leaning forward in excitement, sometimes lying stretched idly. The deep temptation to touch lay there, underneath all those words, like a nibble in the apple… the desire to feel the other’s breath, taste skin, the ache to know more than what words could say. There were times when they drew close, fingers touching once in a while, yet afraid that more than that would dissolve the night and in engagement exchange would be lost. Yet just exchanging would mean that one never would engage in any other meaningful way. The dilemma and the temptation stretched deep into the night and before it could be resolved, day broke and the rising Sun took the shadows away …

Magpie Tales carries these picture prompts… pictures that are expected to trigger the creative juices… so that out could come a poem, a tale, a musing… this one is for their prompt #30


14 thoughts on “The Dilemna

  1. i also liked the picture… the imperfect apple… first i had felt it should have a been a luscious, shining apple… then i felt, no… this apple was like any one of us… with little imperfections here and there, yet tempting…

  2. Loved and enjoyed the tension build up! Kept me wondering what's gonna happen next… HOT stuff!Phheeww… this temptation thingie can be overwhelming.. no?! thankfully, the sun rose, and light took over… (sigh)Very nicely played!!!

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