Clear Water Dreaming…

it has been ages since i have had such a dream… these fragile images that come and go leaving one to wonder when they will come again.

the ocean seems ever to be a part of my dreams… there was a period where i only dreamt of tsunamis… watching rushing mountains of waves, awesome, terrifying… but terribly exciting… i always waited to be drowned… but they always passed me by… or sometimes dark waters… plunging into all that muck.

only very few times i have had the grace of clear, sparkling blue waters… inviting me to plunge… yet, always cowardly i took the boat… ever since i have waited for that invitation again.

finally. such beautiful clear white ocean… why white? i could see the sand at the bottom.. couldn’t see the water at all! touches of beautiful aquamarine blues… do such colours even exist i wonder… hardly a ripple or a wavelet… still waters… and this time there was no invitation… the invitation had already been taken… as i dove to bring up and wonder at the soft, fine, white sand.

grace. moments of grace. one can only fill with gratitude.


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