warm flood

is it warm in there?
not just in the hearth
but also the heart?
the heat in them
warming your nights,
filling your dreams
flooding your life?
does it ebb and flow
with the pulsing of
your heartbeat?

i wait at edge
waiting for the windows
to open a crack and spill
the light and warmth out
streaming down to flood

my toes, my shins,

my knees, hips, waist, heart
drowning me in what I
wait for.. long for …
since what seems like

for Magpie Tales # 29


15 thoughts on “warm flood

  1. You must visit Mother House in Kolkata for there you would be in the presence of someone who saw loving all around as a command as a penance who could not stop herself from doing so ….Wonder if she felt the poetry there!

  2. thank you everyone… it was a first attempt to write at a prompt… i usually write only when the Muse takes me… somehow it was different writing without the Muse 🙂 nevertheless it was a good experience!

  3. I love the way you used a relaxation technique to give this poem all the comforts of home. Just noticed your reply above saying that it is your first prompted post. I have written a few poems from prompts but this week is my first magpie also. (My muse needs a kick in the … so prompts are good for me!)

  4. lovely !!!! The way you have expressed the longing for just that 1 glint of light..it's beautiful!!! I really felt it as I was reading this…By the way, I LOVED the title of your blog!!! 🙂

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