holding on… letting go…

Have you ever given an ice-cube to a baby? I had once given an
ice-cube to my daughter when she was a baby, my idea of letting her
feel various sensations – quite unaware of the consequences. Believe
me it was an incident I am not likely ever to forget or would want to
go through again…

Babies hold on. Tightly. And that is what she did. Before long she was
crying in pain as the ice cube started burning her tiny palm… and I
kept trying to pry her fingers loose.. but the harder I pried, the
tighter she held, and more she hurt, at one point screaming in pain…
while my desperation to pry her fingers itself became more and more

This is what resistance is all about… resistance to letting go of our demons.

… and life experiences seem to be geared towards one thing and one
thing only… it is to pry these demons loose from our grip… and the
tighter we hold on, the more hurtful the prying becomes.



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