Reality surely consists of what one can see, touch, smell, taste, hear, and perhaps put in the bank… beyond that, all the nebulous feelings of other realities can be like the satin lining in a coat… very much there, separate yet stitched in, but not necessarily the complete reality.

The larger reality that cannot include and integrate the day-to-day issues of living, becomes a fantasy… while a day-to-day living without accessing the larger reality becomes narrow and mere existence. Both unpalatable and unsatisfactory. The trick is perhaps to traverse between the two from time to time… without sacrificing one for the other.



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  1. Very true- and very difficult to adhere to.Too many people have been observed sacrificing one for the other. In the process,there is no growth in either.Or an explosive one in any one.Again no balance -which leads to delusion and/or stagnation.This is a complex problem which has too many probables to accurately determine the ideal.Again,who are we to determine what is 'ideal' ? Best to live and let live.

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