Raajneeti was an interesting study in the issues of Power. Power used as a tool. Ruthlessly. Contextualized in a dynastic, political drama, it played with idea of how Power can own one, or be owned by one. Or be used in the best and worst possible way.

The protagonist did not want to ever get into the “game” – yet was pushed into it – and once there, he gave himself up to the game, and played it to win – yet kept himself detached enough to discard it and leave it, when the game gets over…

… and this is where the lesson lies.

Once in the game, one has to play it. Once on the battlefield, one has to fight. One has to engage. At that point there can be no place for self-doubts or sermons. One can only choose “how” one plays the game and “how” one utilizes one’s tools… and keep the goal in sight. Keeping the goal in sight is the all-important act. Moral and spiritual corruption happens only when we make ourselves the goal at the cost of others or when we lose sight of the larger ‘purpose’…

… and one has to leave the game when it gets over – with no regrets. So it is with Life.



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