On Power

The issue of Power has been on my mind for a long time, only articulated lately. Power and all its manifestations, implications and ramifications. Power in all its forms. How it is owned, used and misused, wielded, experienced. Right from something as simple and ubiquitous as “control” in the immediate family environment to being in a position of making decisions that can determine the course of life of another person to the small and large actions where destinies of not only one person, but families, communities and perhaps generations change. Or even psychological power over another and how this can make or ruin another person (and the consequent generations) most simply manifested in giving or withholding affection and approval.

Each and every one of us has this Power in small or big ways. Right from encountering it in childhood when we discover that we can actually squash the life out of a bug to being a parent where we hold sway over the happiness and well-being of others (i.e. our children) in our hands. These are basic powers which everyone has. Then there are others – being the political power within the family/ community. Being a boss where decisions on giving jobs/ promotions/ increments. Being small and big leaders which can sway markets, attitudes, demands etc. Celebrities. Political leaders… right till the extremes of being a decision maker where one determine extinguishing even Life.

Coming face to face with Power can be both exhilarating and fearsome. Whether one is on this side of wielding Power or on the other side of being a recipient, power always brings within conflicts and deep issues.

How does one deal with the Power?



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