stories …

yes, I too am a storyteller
i tell myself stories
about myself, about you,
in fact, about everything.

i like my stories
for they are much more..
much more entertaining
than the boredom of Reality.

the problem arises when
i begin to mistake
my stories for reality.
or if you begin to mistake
my stories for my reality.


i like meeting you
in Neverland of stories
after all inspite of
cruel stepmothers
and evil witches
scary demons, dragons
and heartless villains
stories always have
the indomitable Hero too..


… and I do like the Hero
he makes me believe that
somewhere, if not here,
sometime, if not now,
in some remote star
in some remote galaxy
in another life-form, perhaps
i might find
a meaning to Life.
a meaning to it All


… and I spin these stories
living them as if they’re real
to pass this time and
cross this space
between birth and death
knowing all the while
that this time and space
what I call my Life
is not even a respectable
speck of a Flash in the Pan
on the canvas of the
Mighty Universe.


and, of course,
the best thing about stories is
i can write them
whichever way i want. 🙂


4 thoughts on “stories …

  1. Beautiful – I loved this. :-)The world is made up of stories, told and untold. Interconnected and weaving the myths and magic that help us to understand…I really enjoy your blog. x

  2. @Kalpana: thank you for your verse …. they gave me something invaluable today… a tool and means to understand and get perspective on all thingsreal and unreal …

  3. @Susannah: thanks! I find the way you tell stories and myths through astrology very interesting and enlightening :)"Mars retrograde" really was fantastic!

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