millenials to the rescue…

I came across a paper on Social Citizenship and the role that the Millenials (the Generation Y or the young people born between 1978-1993) were playing. It was a very heartening report… and social change seems not only inevitable but also completely different using completely new-age-technology using completely different tools and methods from what we, the earlier generation, have used. What was most interesting is how the nature of ‘social change’ itself has undergone change – from being a “political act” for the earlier generations to being a “moral imperative” to the current generations… The current generation work like the bees… every movement and cause led by a side-by-side leadership in contrast to what the previous generation’s hierarchical leadership used. To me this is the crux of the matter… the very focus change has changed along with a dramatic change in the means… and this is what will turn the wheel.

One can sit back and enjoy the change …

read the paper



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