I was listening to this wonderful song from Raajneeti :

mora piya mose bolat naahin
dwaar jiya ke kholat naahin…

and i was struck by what must happen to the person who is at receiving end… and what he/she must go through when the mate gets angry and closes all doors. the song reflected the pain of being left out in the cold, of facing unbreachable walls, and the sheer longing and entreating… and the desperate attempts to “make-up”, to reach and to get back… the sheer helplessness.

the song, of course, is rendered beautifully and passionately and the fusion of the classical with the modern is wonderful.

the song expressed all those feelings… but really, do we ever know when we ourselves are angry, when we close our doors, when we withdraw into our own silences, what the other person feels… what the other person is unable to tell or express?

the song more than brought home that love is but forgiveness… and that it is about opening our arms out and embrace and understand and accept.



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