The Magic of Neptune

Neptune is a very interesting archetype… that which pulls us deep into our depths, flooding our core and opening our deepest selves to the magic of the Universe … at best bringing gifts of creative, imaginative, fantasy; an access to a dream-world, a state of grace, which one normally has no access to; a place from which one knows one’s deepest, most fluid, liquid, and ethereal self… yes Neptune is not easy… at its worst it can be delusional, addictive and can slide one into incoherent dependence on alcohol, drugs and everything in between.

Yes, one usually does feel afraid when confronted with the depths of the Oceans – silent, dark and completely mysterious – whether the real Oceans or the oceans within the self… dissolving all ego boundaries and allowing one to hear one’s soul-song. I was initially frightened of Neptune’s influence within me… but by and by as I learnt to float and not grasp, and gave up my understanding of certainity and structure, I discovered and began to enjoy the gifts of Neptune.

This write-up by Dana Gerhardt is a very nice description of Neptune.. and what it can do.

And I could not, just could not, resist Susannah Bec’s wonderful depiction of Neptune.


she sat, huddled.
her thin life coming apart at the seams.
she pulled it to her
for warmth and cold comfort.
a fragile shell,
that could neither hold her in,
or anything else out.
no division,
no exterior, no interior
no sanctuary
from the storms of emotion
from the weather of her moods.
She sang her own song,
no one else’s would do.
she saw through walls,
and conversations
and the look in peoples eyes.
everything was stark,



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