another’s words…

Many a times, one comes across writings by others where you hit the “aha!” moment. “This is exactly what I wanted to say!”, “I couldn’t have said it better!”, “how the hell did this person feel exactly the same thing as I do?!”… and such …

Susanna Bec’s poems have ALL been like that for me … wonderful “Aha!” moments… words almost as if pulled out from the same cauldron of boiling energy… and when I come across these poems, I don’t feel like writing another… because she has already said what I wanted to say, in exactly the same way! 🙂

There are many favourites.. Too much Neptune is one of my favourite-est one. Mars Retrograde being another.. I would love to put her poems on my blog, but they look and feel much better on hers!

Cheers, Susanna! May your likes bloom and grow!

A Hole in the Persona

You poked a hole in my persona
fragile and brittle it disintegrated
into your careless hands and fell
in tattered threads to the floor

You swept up the little tiny pieces
with your big hard bristled brush
collecting each and every fragment
that had hidden my true identity

I stood there, vulnerable and exposed
I was shining, bare faced and naked
With no mask to shield you from my light
you covered your eyes and looked away

– Susanna Bec


4 thoughts on “another’s words…

  1. Lovely poem and a great link..yes it does sound like you so much..the last four lines are so pithy…wonder how it would feel not to look away!

  2. @sid: yes… one really wonders what it would be like not to look away! That's what is so wonderful about Susannah's poems… she makes you wonder these things !

  3. @Susannah: they aren't kind words…! i feel the brilliance with which you write – doesn't need kindness… jussst appreciation! 🙂

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