Kagaz ki Kashtii …

i was listening to Jagjit Singh and Chitra sing “woh kagaz ki kashtii, woh baarish ka paani…”. the song itself is so beautiful… full of the innocence of childhood… filled with memories of that one time, where nothing mattered more than whether my boat drowned in the rain-water storm drains or managed to make it through… felt a yearning to feel like that again… remembered the smell and feel of the rain and running out with pieces of paper… i could imagine in my mind’s eye … the whole wonderful, fully absorbing activity of making the boat, and gently placing it on the water … and watch it bobbing, swaying… my very much in synchrony with the movements of that fragile entity… and the deep breath when it went out of sight… letting it go… to its fate… knowing i could do nothing about it anymore …

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