The time of uncertainties is over. The dark night has reached an end. There is the faint light of a fresh dawn on the horizon. A fresh, frail new breeze has sprung, clearing away the heaviness of the night. The path ahead is filled with love… for the heart and spirit are filled with love… love for myself, love for the rest of the humanity, love for all of the Universe. The grasping fingers of deep self-doubt have become slippery now, slipping on hope… their grip become uncertain.

Maybe I still do not know what the tomorrow will bring, but I am sure it will bring what I need, what I want, in the best possible way, for best possible reasons.

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  1. You are invited to help to form what we continue to become: Too brite daysmidnights that refuse to abide dark and secretwhen empty phrases chantto fairytale MoonsI tell myselfThis is no ordinary roomThis is no fleeting flittering lifeThis is a magical passagewaysparkling like mica, like miracles Quiet tracesluminescent impressiona trailing kite tail bindssilent whimpers, sojourning whispers,tears shining behind mime smiles Crone's gnarled fingers, playingto spite agonysimulate touchbeyond ache, too brite cell,crouching scarred shadowI cast silhouette of metamagic gypsyhandofferingLaurie Corzett – libramoon42@mindspring.com

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