Mirror effects

The hardest thing is to see is ourselves directly. We only know ourselves through reflection. By looking into a mirror we see who we are. What we see is our counterpart likeness and representation. Our reflection fills the same space “on the other side”, duplicated yet reversed. We and our image are equidistant from that mirror no matter where we stand.” says Darrylyn Gunzburg. His paper on Antiscia – those points in our astro charts, that provide space for another to express themself, or those spaces where another’s reflection falls, is excellent!

The people who come into our lives provide us with these mirrors… we see ourselves through them. Some people reflect to us aspects of ourselves which we like, and we begin to like these people. Similarly some people reflect to us aspects which we dislike, which we hate about ourselves, and in turn we start hating these people.

One of the biggest illusions is precisely this – that we start ‘loving’ our mirrors and a lot of our relationships are based of the mirror-effect the other person provides. We love them, admire them, adore them, trust them … and in the same continuum, we hate them, fear them, mistrust them …. Not only that, we even go so far as to have similar feelings for people who are ‘mirrors’ to people whom we love or hate! Talk about being caught in a hall of mirrors! We do get completely embroiled and lost in this hall of mirrors, not being able to see who the other person really is, not understanding which is but a reflection of ourself and which is the reality of ourself.

Sorting out these confusions can take a lifetime… sometimes we spend lifetimes never being able to sort them. But just to understand this becomes the first step in cracking these mirrors… and is a beginning to arrive at the truth of ourself.

‘Seeing’ this, that another is but a reflection of oneself, which one hates or loves, begins a questioning within ourself … what exactly do we mean when we say we love another? What validation do we receive when another says this to us? What image of ourselves gets shattered when another dislikes us? Or as we may perceive, stop loving us? What gets shaken inside us when people whom we think we love, loves others? How are we able to share space within ourselves?

Millions of questions that can keep us busy a lifetime … nothing like this to beat the boredom, in which Life can otherwise sink into !!



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