Soul sightings

Soul is one of the most elusive things to understand in this world. Containing all dualities. At once that one place we need to reach, yet at the same time, the whole context of Life itself. It is most difficult to “see” soul or understand soul, because it IS what we are. The only way we can perhaps see it or experience it, is by seeing and experiencing another.

Some people come into our lives, as mirrors reflecting our souls… so that we are granted the gift of seeing it, to begin to know that it exists, its quality… and the grace of being connected to something much, much larger…

Something happens when these people come into our lives. Life goes on as normal, yet. Yet something tectonically changes. The nature of duality of the self becomes nebulous. All boundaries become permeable, and start dissolving. They swirl into us like ink drops being dropped in a glass of water… swirling, merging, changing.

In the beginning it feels quite frightening, because suddenly all what one knew to be true feels two-dimensional. We begin to see the hidden layers behind our truths. The different colours and hues. Suddenly everything becomes deeper, expands. One feels deeply, deeply vulnerable. Exposed. Fragile and delicate. Skinless.

They bring with them a feeling of immense fear. A great sense of panic and disquiet. A desperate desire to run, to deny.

Why do we feel so afraid to see the reflection of our souls, anyways? Why do we feel so afraid to see ourselves as we can be? Bright. Beautiful. Eternal. Why do we reject this immense gift from the Universe?



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