the world of Ghazals

During one of my searches on the net, i came across some beautiful Ghazals. and as I was wont to do, i continued exploring… and a whole new world opened up. i have always appreciated ghazals, but more as those which have been sung. have always paid attention to the voice and to the way it was sung..

but during this exploration, i learnt to appreciate the beauty of the way it has been written, the angst of the poet, its rhythm, meter, its sheer beauty… ghazals have a special quality – the couplets strung together make a beautiful ghazal, but they also have their own complete meanings when they stand alone!

some which really touched me deeply:

qaid-e-hayaat-o-band-e-gham asl main dono ek hai
maut se pehle aadmi ghum se nijaad paye kyun

~ mirza ghalib

rahi na taqat-e-guftaar aur agar ho bhi
toh kis ummeed pe kahiye ki aarzoo kya hai?

~ mirza ghalib

umr jalwo me basar ho, ye zaruri to nahin
har shab-e-gam ki seher ho, ye zaruri to nahin

~ gulzar

tu ne qasam mai kashi ki khaii hai ‘Ghalib’
teri qasam ka kuch aitabar nahin hai

~ mirza ghalib

na tha kuchch toh KHuda tha
kuchch na hota toh KHuda hota

~ mirza ghalib

… and this one by Zaka Siddiqui is simply, simply beautiful.

khamoshi khud apni sada ho aisa bhi ho sakta hai
sannata hee goonj raha ho aisa bhi ho sakta hai

mera maazi mujh se bichad kar kya jaane kis haal mein hai
meri tarah wo bhi tanha ho aisa bhi ho sakta hai

sehra sehra kab tak main dhoondoon ulfat ka ek aalam
aalam aalam ik sehraa ho aisa bhi ho sakta hai

aehle toofaan sonch rahe hain saahil dooba jaata hai
khud unka dil doob raha ho aisa bhi ho sakta hai



3 thoughts on “the world of Ghazals

  1. Bahot Khoob!Gazals written in chaste Urdu,though difficult to understand literally, are very poignantly sung by Pakistani Artists like Mehdi Hasan,Ghulam Ali and from yesteryear – Farida Khanum,Iqbal Bano and Nayyara Noor.They are just out of this world! Ahmed Faraz ia another great Pakistani poet.A lovely start to the day…

  2. @sid: there are translations available…but yes, you are right, it is really very difficult to transmute the flavour of what is being expressed.@kalpana: yes, this particular one was so beautiful. haven't heard the ghazal…i just loved the words ….

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