Vee sent me this link on Play. A very interesting talk by Stuart Brown.

How much have we forgotten to play? To simply engage with no agenda,
with no outcomes, no benefit or profit… but for simple fun? For
delight? We have forgotten to play, haven’t we? When we
engage playfully, in fun, the sense of togetherness, belonging,
acceptance, and nurture is very strong. I don’t think we quite
realize how much laughter and fun binds people together, brings them
closer… and in play we find the ‘nicer’ sides of people. The less
serious, the less painful. In play we find spaces which are genuine,
which are not ‘hidden’ or shameful or rejected. It is space where we
are truly free. We feel creative. We feel good. The blood thrums. The
brain engages. The emotions blossom. Expressions of feelings and self
become easy. We feel totally alive. Totally present. In play, we are
totally in the Now.

We have been brought up to think that play is only for children. Yet,
I find myself more true to myself when I am engaged playfully, more
intense, more real.

I loved the word ‘neoteny’ – the retention of juvenile characteristics
in adulthood. I would love to be neotenous all through my life, even
to my grave.. and hope to die laughing, playing…



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