Wild times ahead.. !

… or at least that is what astrology says. the situation, apparently, has been brewing for some time… with the saturn-uranus opposition that brought conflicts between established order and a bid for freedom and innovation and the pluto squares to each of these that twists and turns the knife, exacerbating the situation to excruciating levels. have we already broken? or are we refusing to break? the coming couple of months will throw up the wild card that will allow the tension to break into new and innovative solutions.

uranus, the planet of genius, innovation and unpredictability will be joined by jupiter, that expands whatever it touches.. so we have genius, innovation and unpredictability squared! and both these grand heavyweights join up and move into aries end of this month, the sign of I, Me and Myself, aggression, initiative, new beginnings…

… so the stage is set. we can decide how we will ride this rollercoaster of a time out… we can choose to hang on and enjoy it with screams of delight and fast-footed adaptability… or do we dither and worry just to fall off the rollercoaster 🙂

.. no matter what the times ahead promise the not-so-mundane! and i do so look forward to this… what fun !



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