Stories & Silences

so many stories to be told as yet. so many stories to be heard yet. come, sit by this fireside, and under the twinkle of a zillion stars, let the stories unfold. of soul journeys. of the landscapes it has seen. of the encounters it has had. of the wars, love stories, dances, births and deaths it has witnessed and participated in. our soul has so much to say, much to tell and much to teach. each of its encounters, each of its lifetimes, adding a layer to what we are becoming. until we listen and understand these stories, how will we ever know what we truly are? what are the various dimensions of ourselves? all of our self – the good, the kind, the bad, the monstrous, the evil and the savior, the heroic, the victim… all characters in these stories. all parts of ourselves. we have to get to know them all. play with them all. be them all. and eventually, by and by, they will all come together, to make up the mosaic… unify, integrate… then, and only then, we can come into true Silence.

it might probably take many, many more lifetimes. each one creating more stories, more characters. and endless cycle.



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