To be Strangers once again!

some of the lyrics of some of the songs are just brilliant… so beautifully and aptly describing the life situation, that one wonders whether it was written for oneself! do the song writers themselves go through these life situations to be able to write with such empathy?

i was listening to this very beautiful song by Mahendra Kapoor, where the protagonist in the film invites his friend to become a stranger once again… i had found this song always beautiful, but today i feel the impact of the song.

i do find the idea of becoming strangers once again very appealing. no past. to put aside a difficult present to create another, simpler one… maybe start all over again. if one was to start all over again, i wonder how would one do that? whether one would do so at all? or what would one do differently?

a fresh encounter. a fresh situation. a new beginning.



2 thoughts on “To be Strangers once again!

  1. yep :)i remember seeing the movie as a kid… and i used to feel terrified of shashikala! :)but i am glad about remembering this at this time… helped me mend fences with all those whom i have fought with! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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