Circle of Life

The picture is of a Yarn painting by Jose Benitez Sanchez… see for more

Many times, I am beset with innumerable doubts about the validity and necessity of our work, our lives. Does it really make a difference in the long run? After all what difference can the puny efforts of an individual make to such a large world that in itself is beset by so many problems – insurmountable, unmentionables, and probably uncountable. And really speaking, do I want to change the world? I keep feeling regularly haunted by many of these questions, making the path blurry, sometimes almost disappearing.

It is at these times, that I try to ‘keep score’… try and see whose life has been impacted, for the positive, by me or any of my actions. Futile, waste of time, as I realize that I don’t know of anyone, not a single soul, whose life has been impacted, positively, by me.

… and as a continuation, today, I sat back and thought of people who had impacted my life, for the better. And, suddenly, at least a 100 names seemed to pop up! Right from the teacher in kindergarten who rubbed my hand when it was hurt, to colleagues, friends, strangers who have brought in many glimmers of light in my life today. And I realized, that many of them were doing only ‘their job’, some engaged due to affection, concern… and some without meaning to do anything… and here I was, completely impacted, changed, transformed, touched, by the sheer simplicity of their being and doing.

… this brought something a friend told me recently about rain or sun. The rain or sun, doesn’t seek to impact the earth or the other living things. They get impacted by the very nature, very being, the very existence of the rain or sun… and that was where the secret lay… that the flower bloomed to the best of its ability, the rain fell to the best of its ability, the breeze blew, the sun shone, the birds chirped, the bees hummed… all to the best of their ability, to the totalness of their being… and in being so, kept the cycle of life alive, throbbing…

… and that was my learning for today… that I didn’t need to ‘do’ anything at all, but just do what I best did, what kept me most engaged and happy… and all else would fall into place… just as everything has always done, I too would pass it forwards… and i would do my bit for keeping the cycle of life going, throbbing…



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