solutions can come in very interesting ways… Vee said something very interesting. she said if we are focussed on the end, and not be bothered about controlling the means, the end usually gets satisfied.. sometimes in very unusual and interesting ways. i am beginning to see the point.

most often, we are caught up in determining, controlling and directing the HOW of the solution… if we let go after stating the intention (or want or demand) to the Universe, it has remarkable ways in which these can be met. it is our need for control of the HOW that usually ends up with the non-satisfaction and no solutions to our situations.

i used to wonder how stating an intention/desire/want/need to the Universe can beget it, without being focussed on it or without ‘going after it’ with hammer and tongs. now i see it is not necessary at all… all we need is to let the Universe work it out for us. if we trust and tell the universe to solve a situation in the best possible manner, to the best of its ability, towards what is best for us, that is what happens.



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