Samuel’s work is amazing… and so much needed for all of us.

the ‘now’ sometimes is very confusing. filled with a plethora of emotions, some good some difficult, the situation can sometime feel completely foggy, and un-understandable. different elements within the situation being inseparable. the psyche most naturally bundles the whole thing and puts it away. makes the confusion and pain more manageable. maybe to be able to open the bundle in a distant future and work through the situation all over again, with a semblance of normalcy.

what this requires is distance – an emotional distance that will enable us to see the whole picture. that helps bring us in touch with each and every seperate emotion and its implications. sometimes it takes years to bring about such a distance. and when the psyche feels ready, and capable of being able to manage it, it gives signals… tells us it is ready to deal with them.

if we are sensitive to it, and follow the signals, we do ourselves some tremendous good. though it may seem initially painfully and much fear might arise, if we stick with it, we are able to go back to those situations and unravel the time… and being in a more ‘sensible’ frame of mind are able to live through the situation as it should have been lived through… and in this process we let go… let go the burdens, stake claim on unrealised joys, feel amazing freedom to feel again.

… and in the process we become whole again. the old hurts and wounds, and perhaps scars fading away… a psyche heals.



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