Yesterday You rained.
After long, parched days
Drying out, giving up
On hope. On Life.
Your rumbling thunder
Quickened the heartbeats
In anticipation of Your arrival
Your flashing lightning
Lighting up dark corners
Of a waiting heart.
Your first drops, soft and quiet
Almost dry up in the heat
Before reaching me
Steaming up the air
Making it heavy
With the lust for the touch
The first touch of your drops
Hit the skin, stinging
Much pleasure in the pain.
As You pour steadily
Drenching everything around
The neem trees dance wildly
The ground under my feet
Opening itself to You
Just as I do…
The Being repletes with You.
All insects, all animals
All birds, all trees
And me
Soaking You in,
Every bit of You
In utter joy of being touched by You
And knowing You again.



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