I now wait for the day when I can think with my body and feel with my mind.

It is odd how badly we are disconnected from our body/emotion. Vee has been sharing her understanding and perspective on the body-mind disconnect and our resulting schizophrenia… that is not only accepted at a social level but also fostered by it. It is true how every opening into the body is a repository of nerve-endings, utterly sensitive to any touch or stimulus… and how we are stopped from touching any of our orifices, stated as being unhealthy, unsocial and unacceptable. Watch a baby… how it plays with itself… exploring the most sensitive parts of the body-the orifices. The baby sucks on its thumb, fingers up the nose, or even playing with the genitals. And each time the horrified reaction of an adult, that takes away the fingers from the ‘offensive’ places … and have you seen the confusion in the child’s eyes at that?… and the sustained effort of the adult to ‘teach’ the baby not to touch the delightful nerve-ending-infused spaces… sad… and there begins our disconnect with ourself… our ‘feeling’ nature…

… and as we grow, the ‘offensive’ spaces extend to emotions… don’t cry… don’t throw a tantrum, don’t feel angry, be brave… and so on… further disconnects.

And by the time we grow up to a ‘well-behaved’, socially-trained child, we are already only fragmented, little parts of ourselves…

… and we wonder why society is fragmented? It would be a wonder if it isn’t.



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