my heart is at ease today … the burdens and trauma of the recent past falling away like autumn leaves, after a hard winter. the long night is past, and a pale, silvery dawn breaks over the edge of the world… revealing a smudge of a path going all the way over the horizon. a fresh breeze strikes up a conversation with the various green things setting up a whispery, soul-stirring song.

i sit at the head of the path… watching it. absorbing it. in sheer wonder. in sheer pleasure. this path that was obscure for so long that i had begun giving up on hope. its tentative edges don’t defeat me. i like the tentativeness of the edges of the path… as if it is still being made…

i sit and let the breeze blow over me, cooling me, caressing me… as if soothing me for the trials i have borne… the breeze doesn’t give any answers… but i like its non-committal touch… more like a friend than a teacher…

i sit and watch the silvery dawn… in sheer delight at the change… the slow and gradual leaving of the dark, inviting and drawing in the light gently, softly, as if not to startle it away…

i sit and watch the dawn, the breeze, the path… i will take my time walking… for now i just want to sit, watch and absorb… and enjoy the time You have given me…



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