To A

Is it so difficult for the two of us
to exist in the same emotional space?
That one has to leave
When the other enters?
Are we so intolerable to one another?
Why so? When we do not even know
What makes the other laugh or cry
Or in courage defy
Even the most difficult of
Fate’s challenges…?

You know me not nor do I you
Yet faceless rivals we have become
Unwittingly and unwillingly…
Am I so abhorrent to you?
You are not so, to me
In fact I am curious about you
To see, to hear, to understand you…
To know what makes you so special
That one incredible rose that can put
An entire skyful of stars to shame.

We are after all of the same kind
We share a sisterhood
We share a motherhood
We have known similar joys and pains
Of menstrual cycles, of childbirth
Of having our bodies change on us
Of having a child feed at the breast.
We share similar, timeless secrets
That every little girl has ever had.

We shared a space for a while
In that fragmented piece of time
I have seen in your eyes
The same things that affect me
Same fears
Same tears
Same courage
Same passion
And a similar destiny
Tell me truly,
Did I feel like an enemy then?

So, is it so difficult then?
To put aside the anger,
The distrust
The sense of betrayal
The countless, nonsensical things
We have been told, time and again
Of what is right and wrong?
And wait and listen to the answers
To all the questions you raised?

Yes, I speak to you … you know that.
You, who watches me from the shadows
I have borne your silent contemplation
For so long now…
I have stood here
And let you see inside me
Come, I invite you now
Let us talk and sort this out
Heart to heart, woman to woman
This is about just you and me.



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