You know how it has been with You
since that time You chose to show me Your self
but then that was only the first time i knew …
You fascinated me, all the times before too
when You gave me but glimpses of You
through the cracks in Time and Reality
and I used to feel rudderless and bereft
what else could i have done, except run?

so You know it just as i have known
since that time You showed me Yourself
i had cried then, in unbearable joy and ecstasy
Tears streaming down my face
oblivious to the people around me
frightened out of my wits by that journey
into Your nothingness, into Your void
what else could i have done, except run?

was it even possible for my tiny mind
to comprehend your stark, immensity?
that stretched from here to eternity
forwards, backwards, and everywhere
even now i think it isn’t grown enough..
how could my little heart ever absorb
Your intense love and generosity?
what else could i have done, except run?

but do You have to mock me everytime now?
and laugh at every wariness of mine?
i fear, as i always have, of losing my mind
of becoming a victim of Your insanity
i would rather face the demons that chase
me in the darkness of my loneliness
they are easier to deal with than
the bright, intensity of your unbearableness
what else can i do, except run?



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