i remember that day
You said, “ask… just ask ..”
and I stood there shaking
wanting, yearning…
.. and Mute.

You laughed mercilessly
at me then
at my fear
at my doubt
and mocked me
for wanting, yearning
“not enough..”, you said

so… I have asked.
and it is my turn to laugh now
for I have asked …
…for You.
and now I have to see.
do you have the courage
to give of Yourself
as much as You ask of me?



2 thoughts on “

  1. you still haven't asked of yourself- then perheps the need to see courage in others become irrelevent ? one would tend to measure courage by one's own yardstick – there are other levels too,which are intriguing.but that comes later after the first question is answered. 🙂

  2. Sid, that was my eternal gripe with the Universe. It challenges one to ask … and i know i cannot because i get caught in my own web of doubts, fears and 'rules' … and it laughs … because there is one rule of the Universe and it is that when one asks, it gives. But then whatever it chooses to give along with it has to be taken … and therein lies the catch ! 🙂

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