One of the books that changed my whole life is The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry. I read it at one sitting, of course … but it never ended. I have read it hundreds of times since then, and each time I see something new. It is one book that made me laugh, moved me to tears, sent me into deep pondering, and sent frissons of marvel at the depth and simplicity of the story.

Which part can I consider best? The boa constrictor that ate the elephant (that probably is my favourite). Or the fox who teaches him how to tame and be tamed? Or the vain Rose and his wonderful relationship with her? Or the idea that one can look up at the stars and laugh, because one knows the secret it holds? …

Every conversation the Little Prince holds with the various characters are filled with learning and yearning…

… even today, after so many readings, I find myself blinking back tears, when I let go of the Little Prince …



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