Hyderabad was sizzling. The temparatures so high that one could make tea with the hot water in the taps. As we moved around the city, the heat was being soaked in and absorbed by the building upon buildings of concrete, glass and chrome … and as evening fell all the absorbed heat began to be radiated out. We were definitely inside a Tandoor of sorts.

All these concrete houses, built cheek to jowl to one another, did not sport any trees. No shade anywhere to protect from the blazing sun. Not a bit of green to cool the eyes or the soul. Open spaces left barren to bake in the heat. Buildings left naked to burn under an angry Sun.

Why do cut off trees even when we don’t need to? Why this preoccupation of ‘clearing up’ everything around? Security? The fear that the tree provides means for people to climb into our defences? Or that the branches will play with our wires and the wires would start misbehaving then?



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