Empty spaces, new energies

Sometimes it is odd how some relationships just decide to stay with you… new ones that one doesn’t expect to attain sudden depth, and become some of the most important bonds in life. It is like jumping into the deep end of the pool. Not a gentle slide, taking-time-to-know kind… but more like I know you from long before and am reviving the connection kind of thingy.

These people walk into life, and something somewhere inside recognizes them and opens the door to let them in… and the dance continues, the moves becoming more beautiful and graceful… and life taking on added dimensions, layers opening up, and meanings of love and affection further deepening.

What kind of grace is this, I wonder? What is the Universe saying? Or is it just rewarding us for past perseverances, for staying the course, for standing for one’s beliefs, for just maybe letting go? Where have these people been hiding until now? Why have they appeared at the precise moment they did? Maybe something inside needed it? Or more likely was prepared to accept their entrance?

My life, these past few weeks, has been filled with such connections. Bondings that feel comfortable to the core, closed up, shut down parts opening up… and one feels life maybe gives another chance.

It has been the same way with people going away. What didn’t work, fell away, leaving one freer to move, the emptiness left behind becoming spaces that attract other newer energies.

The All-That-Is works in such mysterious ways, that one can only be in awe of it. Futile and foolish to try and control life. All that required is to recognise and listen to what it is saying and just follow its song … and Life happens!



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