I give up.

Just felt like giving up everything and going and growing vegetables in some remote village or something.

Normally I don’t feel so distressed when I am confronted with the impossibility of a Bombay… but this time I felt the futility of doing anything so strongly. There really seems no way out any more. We, as a humanity, have gone far beyond the point of no return. Nothing to be done, no change can happen with the tools and mindset we use. Something radically different has to happen. We are all in the box.

I seriously wish I didn’t care. But I do. So much that it almost tastes bitter in my mouth sometimes. And this sense of hopelessness. Maybe Samuel was right. Until we totally understand and experience the hopelessness, we won’t feel the need to break out.

The near future looks like it can rapidly degenerate into Mad Max kind of scenarios … a whole population that will live underground (of human psyche), coming up once in a way to fight and grapple and loot for itself some sustenance, while the groups above only make things more and more ‘secure’, becoming more and more violent and insular.

There will no more superheroes.

The future seems laid out … the ‘good life’ and the way it is sold – through fear and greed, will never be available, really not even to those who have, because they too will be only spending their life balancing on an unstable system.

Of course one sees pockets of brilliance. Pockets of compassion. Pockets of hope. But they don’t seem enough to mop up or absorb that which is being churned out.

We truly are living in a world gone mad. Profit, science, technology, power gone mad, gone out of control.

And when all the trees are gone, and all the oceans are dead, and all birds have flown away … when all the songs are silent … we shall adapt… to that too.



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