I have been reading up on Schrodinger’s Cat (yes revisiting what I learnt at school, that’s all my level and capacity can stretch upto) and it has kept me engaged and delighted for hours. Quantum physics, of course, is one of those ‘mystical’ subjects where all definitions start dissolving, and all possibilities become the norm. What a wonderful space these sub-atomic spaces are… where convergence of everything becomes possible.

Just imagine, a situation where that little, pinpoint of energy, has a mind of its own and can be a this and a that at the same time, or be one or the other at any given time, and that its behaviour, whether it will be one or the other depends on whether it is being observed or not. How utterly, delightfully unpredictable!

It is especially amusing to juxtapose the convolutions of our human minds, our need for certainty, our belief in the ‘definition’… mostly, principally our belief that the Universe begins and ends with us… in face of such unpredictability and a probability of reality in Quantum Reality.



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