… more and more i see the contradictions within myself. At once being delighted with the idea of dualities and multiplicities within and without.. and yet convulsing with a need to grasp and understand everything.. a need to reduce everything to one point of certainty.

If this need for certainty basically comes from education, of having been taught from ever since one became aware, that everything has a reason, and every reason has an effect, then it is only a matter of time before people will start perceiving reality differently? A few generations down the line, and the children will cut their little milk-teeth on multitudes and uncertaintudes.. evolved beings is what they will be.

All our spiritual quests engage us to take us to that point where we will give up our need to be in control and for us to understand that nothing exists and everything does at the same time..

Wish i was born then … where the linear ceases to exist and so does our understanding of it.



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