Sometimes I just want to give up on us as humanity … and yet deep down I know there is nothing that can be done except wait. Wait millenia, if necessary. Wait forever, if so necessary too. What other choice is there?

There is nowhere to go … and if the door to nowhere is closed, then where else can one go? There is nothing to do … and yet if the option of nothing to do is taken away, then what else is there to do?

The bones and muscles ache with the waiting. I wake up. I sleep. I wake again … as I have been doing for a million lifetimes … always hoping that this time I will wake up into that where I will never need to sleep. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I rage. Sometimes I laugh and play. I do all kinds of things to take away this feeling of waiting. To help me wait. Yet, all the time, I find myself keeping on looking for signs. Signs that will tell me that my waiting is over. Signs that will carry me across the Oceans of the myriad Universes to that one place and time called Here and Now.



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